Wealth Management
Wealth management

Make the most of your money

Parklane’s Wealth Management services range from providing simple advice on particular investments, through to fully overhauling your investment portfolio.


Buying, Selling or Investing

Whether you are looking to purchase an investment property or searching for a new home, we have the knowledge and experience to help you make the best possible choices.


Personal, Corporate and SMSF

Learn how to utilise one of the most important assets you will have in your life. Your Superannuation can provide you with the ability to protect yourself and your family’s financial position.


Quality Tailored Financial Advice

Parklane Investment Management’s experienced team can help you to make the right financial decisions for your future.

About Parklane Investment Management

Parklane Investment Management is a national investment and superannuation service provider. Our goal is to provide businesses and individuals with a customised, comprehensive and proactive solution that helps assist employee’s and individuals who require a higher level of personal service.

Our specialities involve corporate superannuation management that assists employers with their current default fund. We help businesses meet the legislative requirements with Superannuation through active management and also ensure that the provision of benefits are available for all employees of the business and not just members of the fund. Parklane Investment Management also specialises in individual financial planning.

Parklane Investment Management has developed key working relationships with some of Australia’s leading Accounting & Tax, Lending & Banking, Property, Health and Insurances, Investment Research, Legal and Government businesses to help assist employers and employees in all aspects of superannuation and personal finances.

Key Management

Brady R. Black BAppFin Dip (FS) SA Fin FPA

Melbourne corporate and private wealth management.

Brady is an experienced Wealth management specialist having work with some of Australia’s top investment and fund managers businesses such as Colonial First State, Citigroup and BT Financial Group. Brady’s strongly focuses on relationship management. Brady has also worked with chartered accounting practices, providing employer and employee financial services. Brady also provides strategic financial planning advice to executives, ensuring their family business achieves their short to long term financial goals. Outside of work commitments, Brady is a passionate golfer, member and contributor to the Woodlands Golf Club, Rugby Fan and father.

Marshall Morris MCom (FP) DipFS (FP) SPAA

Sydney corporate and private wealth management.

Marshall has 15 years experience in the Financial Services industry. Prior to his 10 years as a holistic Private Wealth Adviser he gained experience in mortgage finance and direct property, share market data provision and accounting software. Marshall enjoys close relationships with his clients and co-ordinates a select network of professionals including mortgage specialists, property analysts, Chartered Accountants and lawyers to deliver outstanding solutions. Areas of expertise include personal cash flow management, debt structuring and reduction, tax mitigation, direct property and share investments as well as Superannuation and Risk Management. In his spare time Marshall enjoys spending time with family and friends, is an enthusiastic working guitarist and a long suffering Sydney Kings fan.

Paul Fielden Mcom GDip acc PNA

Taxation and Self Managed Superannuation.

Paul is a NIA accountant with 10 years experience over a very diverse range of clients from small business to public companies. He is currently specializing in the areas of personal taxation advice, SME business and Self Managed Superannuation Fund administration. Outside of work commitments, Paul is a dedicated Bombers supporter, father and a regular contributor to the national institute of accountants.

David Gates B.Ed DipFS FP

Risk management.

David has worked with private wealth management and risk advisory now for over 20 years. Prior to moving to Australia from England, David rans his own independent wealt5 management business. David currently personally works with businesses such as Deloitte Touche Tomatsu and Board members with securitors Risk Management committee, A keen sportsman, David coaches Under 16 Soccer at Brighton Soccer Club and for the last 2 seasons has been Assistant Coach at Brighton Cricket Club (Sub-District Level) until turning his attention to building and renovating a property.

Our Services

Parklane Investment Management have access to leading superannuation providers and industry experts, and we are able to guide you through the complexities of corporate superannuation and to work with you in selecting the most effective superannuation arrangement for your individual business needs. We are committed to providing a holistic service offering that benefits clients and businesses both directly and through the goodwill generated by the provision of benefits to its employees.

Corporate Super

Services provided to the employer are
  • Co-ordinate reviews and provide recommendation on default super fund
  • Provide administrative ease for the default investment and insurance for default fund
  • Review group insurance arrangements every year
  • co-ordinate and facilitate policy committee meetings (Legal requirement)
  • Alleviate employee administrative superannuation tasks & enquires• Update and service system processes (Clearing Housing)
  • Update and service any relevant legislative changes
  • Online service for employee tasks
Employee benefits such as:
  • Hassle free superannuation rollover assistance
  • Mortgage Broking
  • Wills and Estate Planning
  • Personal Insurance
  • Financial Advice
  • Banking products and solutions
  • Parklane Private Investment Management

Investment Management

Individual benefits such as
  • Superannuation strategy and retirement planning
  • Investment management and advice
  • Mortgage Broking
  • Wills and Estate Planning / associated tax services
  • Personal Insurance and business insurances
  • Individual personal Financial Advice
  • Banking products and solutions

At Parklane Investment Management, we understand that managing significant investments presents special responsibilities, complexities and opportunities. Parklane Investment Management offers a comprehensive range of investment solutions and tailored advice to individuals and families.  Parklane investment management advice designed to take you from where you are now to where you want to be.

Wealth Management

What does a good adviser do?

Simply put, we assist you to make better use of the resources available to you to improve your financial position.

Professional Financial advice should involve a thorough analysis of your current financial situation, your personal cash flow as well as your immediate and future lifestyle and financial goals. You should be informed of all of the resources available to you and the options available to help you reach your objectives – now and in the years ahead. Once you are comfortable with the strategy it needs to be implemented efficiently and reviewed regularly.

Our advisers are all post graduate degree qualified professionals with at least 10 years of industry experience. We are Fellow FINSIA members ( Finance institute of Australasia ),Fellow members of SIA ( Securities institute of Australia ) Associates of ANZIIF ( Australia New Zealand institute of Insurance and Finance) Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) specialists accredited by SPAA, the SMSF Professionals’ Association of Australia

Our services can range from simple advice on one particular investment class, through to a complete financial portfolio overhaul working closely with other professionals such as Accountants, Finance Specialists, Lawyers and other professionals. We aim to build long term relationships with our clients and to assist them through better structures, building wealth and mitigating tax.

A 10 minute phone call is often all that is needed to determine if it will be worth your while to meet with us for an obligation free Initial Meeting.

What steps are involved?

Initial Meeting

Initial meetings are free of cost or obligation. The first meeting is an opportunity to get to know each other, for us to identify areas where we may of assistance and for you to decide if you are comfortable proceeding to the next step – preparation of a Statement of Advice.

At the conclusion of this meeting you will have a clear understanding of ways that our advice should be able to assist you and the areas that will be included in your plan.

Preparation of Statement of Advice (SOA)

We will make sure we have a clear picture of your goals, objectives and preferences. We will collect all relevant information and will assist you to prepare a detailed budget, as well as giving you an indication of the sorts of strategies that may be applicable to you.

SOA Presentation

The SOA is a clear and detailed document outlining the strategies and recommendations specifically designed for you. It will address many areas including personal cash flow, debt reduction, direct investment options, risk management, tax planning and superannuation.


Once you have a solid understanding of your strategy, we will move into the implementation phase. Your adviser will manage the process and our administration team will assist with any necessary paperwork. It is at this stage that we will refer you to any other relevant professionals including mortgage or investment specialists. We will provide you with any relevant internet logins and will ensure you are 100% comfortable with the day to day operation of any new accounts or facilities.

Ongoing services

Once your strategy is implemented we will meet with you at least once a year to review your strategy and track your progress. Your adviser is available at any time if you have questions or need assistance and additional reviews can be organized if your situation changes. Our portfolio management team constantly monitor your portfolio and ensure it remains suitable for current conditions and your long term strategy. We will contact you if there are any significant changes to the economic or investment environments and will make you aware of new opportunities as they arise. Your personal adviser is only a phone call or email away.

How are you paid?

We are a fee for service practice.

Whilst our fees can vary depending on the type and complexity of advice, all fees are transparent and explained clearly before you incur them. We work for you – not a large financial institution looking to sell managed funds. We are believers in direct investment where possible which cuts out a lot of unnecessary cost. We will only invite potential clients on board if we believe that there is a clear benefit we can provide and efficiencies available to you through taking our advice.

We have access to a sophisticated but low cost investment administration service. This means that the overall ongoing cost should remain competitive with your existing arrangements but allows us to deliver a much higher level of personal service.


In order to offer a true full service Financial Planning solution it is impossible to ignore direct property. Whether you are buying a home or considering property investment, it is likely that it will play a significant role in your long term wealth accumulation. Australians love property but as our market is one of the most expensive in the world, there needs to be careful consideration and analysis in order to select a suitable investment property.

Parklane is able to refer you to a network of expert property analysts that have access to the best research and methodology for selecting suitable property in areas that offer solid growth potential with low week to week holding cost. Whilst we tend to focus on Sydney property, we have access to property nationwide.

Some of the many considerations include: purchase price, rental return, running costs, depreciation and tax effectiveness, house or unit, new or older.

We are happy to explain the various tradeoffs between home, upgrades, renovations or simply renting your own home whilst building a portfolio of direct investment properties.

Borrowing to buy a direct investment property via a Self Managed Super Fund is a topic of interest to many investors. We have a proven track record of helping clients set up the correct legal frameworks, structure the finance correctly and select a property well positioned to achieve your long term goals. Our clients know exactly what to expect before they commit themselves – there are many issues to consider and we can guide you through these simply and easily.


Our finance team is able to assist clients in a wide range of scenarios. Perhaps you are looking to purchase a home or investment and are not sure how much you can borrow or what the repayments will be? Perhaps you are not sure if your existing loan products are competitive or set up effectively. Maybe you are making extra repayments but are not sure how long it will take you to eliminate your mortgage. Considering a home upgrade or renovation? We can help.

There are many elements involved in correctly structuring and managing debt.

We aim to structure our clients’ loans as efficiently as possible, consolidating consumer credit at lower interest rates wherever possible and prioritizing expensive personal debt as the top priority for early repayment. We start by setting realistic, attainable goals for debt reduction and review your progress regularly.

Loans are separated into clear splits for personal and investment purposes.

Whilst borrowing money to invest can be a powerful long term strategy, it carries risks which need to be addressed and managed.

Once we have identified the correct structure, our mortgage specialists will source the right loan products to meet your needs from a wide range of institutions.


Corporate Superannuation

Parklane has extensive experience in administering corporate superannuation plans for the benefit of employers and employees. We have over 4,000 individual fund members across the country and we are available to assist them with understanding the options open to them in relation to investment options and risk management strategies. We work closely with some of the biggest financial institutions in the country to deliver outstanding service to our members.

Personal Superannuation

Superannuation remains a mystery to many. There remains a surprising level of confusion and apathy especially amongst younger workers for whom retirement may be many years away.

Whilst you may not be able to typically access your superannuation benefits until you reach retirement, it is real money and it is your money. Taking some simple steps now can dramatically increase your standard of living in retirement.

Taking a greater level of interest in your Superannuation early can also help you to really understand basic investment principles that can be applied outside of Super and will assist you dramatically later in life.


Self Managed Super Funds are the fastest growing segment in the superannuation industry. More and more investors want to take greater control of their retirement savings and like the greater flexibility offered in terms of investment options. Self Managed Super funds allow investors to own direct assets like shares and property and to borrow money to invest under certain circumstances. Funds need to lodge annual tax returns and be audited by an accredited auditor once a year. Marshall Morris is a member of the SMSF Specialists Association of Australia and works closely with leading Accountants to deliver a SMSF solution that does not require hours and hours of your time to manage.

Whilst there are a far wider range of investment options open to SMSF investors, there are also rules and regulations that must be observed in order to remain compliant. These examples may seem obvious, but you are not allowed to withdraw funds until you reach retirement age and the fund can’t lend money to you or your family members!

As well as a wide range of direct investments via a convenient and low cost administration service, we have extensive experience in structuring direct investment property purchases through SMSFs. We partner with Chartered Accountants to provide a full service offering – administration fees are competitive for with most retail super funds once all members (up to 4 per fund) have a combined fund balance of over $150,000.



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